Hard Drive Recovery and Repair Services in Chester

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Hard drive recovery help in Chester

There are many ways that your hard drive itself, or the data within it, can be damaged. At such moments, especially if you have no back-up system, or it isn’t up-to-date, it can seem as if the world is falling in on your head. A natural reaction can be to frantically try to sort the problem yourself. Sadly, this can cause further serious damage and often increases the difficulty of effective data recovery at a later stage.

Taking immediate remedial action

Professional help can minimise the damage and loss. Setting our hard drive recovery specialists to work as quickly as possible gives us the best chance of managing a full recovery for you. So as soon as the worst has happened call us on 0124 455 4282 or our other support numbers or complete our online free quote request form on this page.

  • Local Chester contact number – 0124 455 4282
  • Free from most landline – 0800 999 3282
  • Low cost from mobiles – 0333 123 3282
  • Emergency data recovery – 079 3282 4264

Three practical reasons for calling us

The first stage towards any solution is to carefully analyse the problem. With many other companies, that’s also where they start to charge you. That’s not the case with us because we always offer you these three promises:

  1. We will complete a free in-lab assessment of the problem
  2. You’ll receive a no-obligation quotation for any work we then recommend
  3. We always operate on a no-data, no-fee basis as we work on your hard drive

The types of data disasters we can help to solve

Sadly if your hard drive has been stolen, we’re not really up for hunting down the thieves! Apart from such circumstances, we can usually help in four problem areas:

  • Logic situations such as accidentally-deleted files or partitions, drive formatting situations, and lost BIOS
  • Mechanical problems like power failures, in-drive clicking or ticking noises, and head crashes
  • Electrical accidents caused by the use of incorrect power supplies and sudden surges
  • Dropped or knocked drives, or fire, flood or other water damage

The technical information


Our state-of-the-art technology and advanced recovery processes allow us to work on both internal and external hard disks and drives. We are expert in Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix operating systems. These can be installed on your desktops, laptops, Apple Mac or even servers.

We are able to deal with all damaged or corrupted SATA, IDE, EIDE, SCSI, SAS, SSD, NAS, IDE and SCASI drive types and RAID arrays.

Time may be of the essence. If so we can aim to deal with your problem on-site. Alternatively we perform the recovery operation in our own lab. You can choose our emergency 12-24 hour operation. If time is less of an issue, you can select 48, 72 or 96 hour turnaround times or our standard 5-7 working days option.

Effective hard drive data recovery and peace-of-mind

Data is both precious to you and often highly confidential. That’s why our Recovery Lab is sited in a protected building with 24-hour on-site security. It’s also why our team are experienced data recovery specialists, practised in both the well-proven and latest techniques; and innovative in developing new ones. As we work to recover your data you’ll always be updated on our progress and will be able to talk directly to your assigned expert technician.

So to minimise any damage and loss you might suffer with hard drive problems just call us now on our hard drive recovery Chester number 0124 455 4282 or complete our online free quote request form on this page for a swift response.

Remember we’ll always provide a no-obligation quote and work on a no-data, no-fee basis. So when disaster strikes your hard drive device, let R3 Data Solution recover your vital data without delay!

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